Happy New Year! It is a time for the commitments to new year’s resolutions to begin and mine is to start blogging and to tackle my TBR.

In 2020, I read 13 books (a low number for me, personally) and I purchased about 60 books. Needless to say, I purchased way more books than I actually read. 2021 needs to be the year I actually read the books I buy. To be fair, most of the books I bought in 2020 were bargain e-books (this is me justifying it to myself). Regardless, my reading is not keeping up with the number of books I purchase. What’s the point of buying books if I’m not reading them!? That bargain e-book is still $2.99 wasted and collecting virtual dust if it’s not read.

So, 2021 is the Year of the TBR for me and my goal is to severely limit the number of books I buy. If it’s a book I really want to read, I will first check the library. If the library doesn’t have the book, I will allow myself to buy 1 book for every 10 books I read.

Wish me luck!